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Destination: Alaska Fly Fishing Alaska

The Alaskan wilderness is a fly fishing paradise: match wits and desire with king salmon, drop in to a remote lake for a week's solitude, or just take in the pristine beauty of it all. 586,000 square miles of fishing nirvana await exploration.
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Fifty Places to Flyfish Before You Die

· For both armchair travelers and avid outdoorsmen who may have already started a checklist of their own, Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die maps out the meccas of the fly-fishing world.
Learning from the Water: Fishing Tactics & Fly Designs for the Toughest Trout

· René Harrop shares his wisdom on the importance of insect stages, the flies for a successful fly box, and how to plan and prepare for a trip to unfamiliar water.
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The Ultimate Travel Rod
While rummaging around the Internet for the perfect travel fly rod, the adjectives used on various reviews to describe the Sage XP series started to catch my attention...

Sage XP
The Travelling Flyfisher
Let's face it; a fly fishing trip can be a whirl of action with plenty of opportunities to forget fishing gear, the guide's phone number, and directions...

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